Viblu, a dynamic independent film production company, employs a strategic approach to pitch its films to various television channels and platforms, even though it is not officially affiliated with any of these brands. Pitching films in the entertainment industry is a complex process that requires careful planning, creativity, and persistence.

  1. Market Research: Before pitching a film to any channel or platform, Viblu conducts thorough market research. This involves analyzing the target audience, identifying trends in the industry, and understanding the content preferences of different networks or platforms. This research helps Viblu tailor its pitch to the specific needs and interests of each potential partner.

  2. Content Development: Viblu creates a portfolio of compelling film concepts, scripts, and production packages. They aim to develop content that aligns with the themes, genres, and styles favored by the channels and platforms they intend to approach. The content should be unique and appealing to stand out in a competitive market.

  3. Pitch Package: Viblu prepares a comprehensive pitch package that includes the film’s synopsis, script, budget, marketing strategy, and potential cast and crew. They also include any previous successes or accolades to demonstrate their credibility as a production company.

  4. Identifying Potential Partners: Viblu identifies channels and platforms that are a good fit for their films. This involves assessing which networks or streaming services have a track record of producing or broadcasting similar content and have the right target audience.

  5. Networking: Building relationships is crucial in the entertainment industry. Viblu leverages its industry connections, attends film festivals, and participates in networking events to establish contacts with decision-makers at various channels and platforms. These connections can help open doors for their pitches.

  6. Customized Pitches: Each pitch is customized to the preferences and requirements of the target channel or platform. Viblu tailors their pitch to highlight how their film fits into the existing programming lineup, showcasing the potential for audience engagement and revenue generation.

  7. Presentation Skills: Viblu ensures that its pitch meetings are well-prepared and professionally executed. They convey their passion for the project, articulate the unique selling points of their films, and address any questions or concerns from potential partners.

  8. Follow-up and Persistence: After presenting the pitch, Viblu remains persistent in following up with the channels or platforms. They understand that decision-making processes can be lengthy and require repeated interactions. They use polite and professional persistence to stay on the radar of potential partners.

  9. Reevaluation and Adaptation: If a pitch is not accepted, Viblu takes it as an opportunity to reevaluate their approach and learn from the experience. They adapt their strategies and content based on feedback received during the pitching process.

It’s important to note that even with meticulous planning and effort, there is no guarantee that Viblu’s films will be accepted by the channels or platforms they pitch to. The entertainment industry is highly competitive, and factors such as market trends, budget constraints, and changing priorities of networks and platforms can influence their decisions. Nevertheless, Viblu remains persistent and continues to pitch its films to a wide range of potential partners, always striving to bring unique and captivating content to the screen.